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Clients Willing to Contact Ouside fiverr

sometimes Buyer come and contact you through messages,
then he say we are big company want fb or whatsapp.

really first report them.
then next step is to point them to Fiverr rules


What happens if a client backtracks your image and finds you on social media?


Isn’t better to point them Fiverr rules 1st?
And if they still insist to contact outside then report them.:slight_smile:


Let me rephrase that, what happens when a buyer leaves such a heartwarming review along with a “big” tip and contacts you enthusiastically on Social Media saying how much he appreciates the help and looks forward to working with in the future again…


Send them straight back to your Fiverr account - easy!


:arrow_up: Easy peasy! :wink:


That’s happened to me before. They sent me a screenshot of a photo on my instagram saying “wear this”. Immediately creeped out and changed my ig username.


Well Why Didn’t I Think of That
Oh, wait I did and ended up blocking him which was probably the reason he stopped replying to my messages on Fiverr.

Oh I’m sorry, was your first post supposed to be sarcastic? Gotcha!

So you had an unhappy buyer track you down on social media, and they didn’t actually want to use your services again.

One solution would be to use a different image on Fiverr, one that hasn’t been posted elsewhere, so they can’t do that.

I also assumed perhaps they found a fanpage you’d set up to promote your services, which is a good way to funnel traffic to Fiverr. Sorry for the misunderstanding!


Changing the username is kind of a big thing, your old mentions will be gone forever and many other big things.

I had like 100 followers,all friends and family,so it wasn’t a big deal.

Oh… okay that’s fine then! :grin:

Just point them to Fiverr rules and if they still insist - report.

I have had one client trace me on Twitter yet I don’t use the same username or image on Fiverr and Twitter. I was shocked

Yeah, that’s exactly why I use my original pic on Fiverr and avatars on social media.

You didn’t have to block you clients, you can still socialize with them and when it comes business tell them I prefer via Fiverr for your protection and mine. Clients are still human and they could become your friends and your actual friends can be your clients too.

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oooh that might be a stalker who spend a lot of time to find you :slight_smile:

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have not any social media yet

Fiverr messaging framework is awesome,
so i haven’t found any useful reason to contact outside here.

Messaging framework have all funcationality,

right best answer yet