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Clint not respoding

I worked hard 3 days for a website design.Client said for time extended because he is busy. My work delivery time will extended in 2 hours. But still he is not extended time and the client not also responding and not giving content for this website. Work delivery will over in 2 hours. What should i do now?

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I assume you’re referring to Clint Eastwood as the “Clint [who is] not respoding”. He’s a very busy man. I’m not surprised that he asked for an extension. :sunglasses:

In all seriousness, if the buyer is not responding, deliver/redeliver what you have completed, based upon his most recent request. If he hasn’t made any new work requests, you can only assume that he is happy with the work you have already delivered. Deliver what you have completed, and end the order. If he needs revisions (and you offer them in your gig), he can process a revision request, and ask for additional work.

I build his website as his requirements on my own domain and hosting. He saw this design and told me for a change and he asked for time extended 2 days for some more things adding. i changed his requested design and send him time extended request. After this he is not responding. For delivery wordpress website i need buyers domain and hosting login details. I asked for this at starting. but he did not gave me his domain and hosting login details. My delivery time will extended in 2 hours. Will I delivery my work? Where I delivery my work if he don’t give me his domain and hosting login details or wp login details? 3 days i work hard for this website design.

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Is Clint Eastwood still alive?

Yes. …

You just delivery the website Image and tell him to give his domain and hosting. clint will replay you in 3 days. may be your clint domain and hosting not ready.