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Clipart artists


Half of my ordered logo’s on consists of clipart that the designer downloaded from the Internet and sold as “a unique logo created especially for you”!!

Not only is this behaviour very unprofessional, it is illegal copyright wise! And who do you think the owner of the original logo is gonna complain to?? The unaware buyer!


Check the attached logo I received and then check


Another logo I received. Check


Another example: -->


yes.that’s really bad.


Yup. I’m having the same problems. So far, in my attempt to get a suitable logo, I’ve hired six designers ranging from level 0 to level 2.

Two of them delivered multiple stolen work from google - it was on the first page when I did image search.

One of them didn’t even know or pretended not to know what she was doing was wrong. She told me she took it off google and wanted to know why I had issues with it. Whew! I had no way to respond to that one!!