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Clipping and background remove

Hello. I am New user in Fiver forum . I can’'t understand what i do good work in fiver. i finished my 2 order then i don’t get order.please give me some advice


Don’t just wait!

Check out: New Sellers … Success Doesn’t Come To Those Who Wait!


Maybe it’s because there’s a lot of competition for the services you provide. Maybe create an additional gig which has less competition.

These are my suggestions/comments about the gigs:

Gig: I will do any photoshop job within 6 hrs
In the basic package description it says “unlimited revisions” but the number of revisions is set to 2.

In the main gig image it says “REMOVAING” instead of “REMOVING”.

Gig: I will design product images for amazon
In the FAQ section: “We can mange this.” could be “We can manage this.”


which gig have wrote spelling mistake "removaing"could you help me please?

In the main gig image for “I will do any photoshop job within 6 hrs”.


i got this,thank you so much

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