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Clock accuracy and notifications about being late?

I took a look yesterday at the order and I had 40 minutes. I edited the file a bit and sent the file in last 12 minutes while clock was ticking.
Now I got to my conversation room with the client and I see on my right side a message that I was late 11 hours, which is absurd because 48 hours didn’t pass at that time.
I’m confused.
Does that happen as a glitch or did I time travel?


He same problem I faced yoo. I think we should use Pc or laptop while sending completion order.


This is a bug that has been on Fiverr for at least the last 2-3 months. The “late” status shown on the right-hand side of the inbox window when communicating with the buyer is just a bug and has no impact on the on-time delivery %. The status of the order as shown on the order page or the dashboard is what matters, and if you notice the status shown on the order page/dashboard, you will not notice a “late” status.

TL; DR: Do not go by the status that’s shown on the right-hand side of your inbox while messaging a client. It’s bugged. Go by the status of the order as shown on the order page or your dashboard.


I have seen that too. The timer on the inbox page doesn’t check if it’s delivered or not, and only shows when the deadline was. Wonder why that isn’t fixed yet? It’s quite confusing.