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I think it’s a bug or some kind of error. When you cancel the order the clock should freeze but now is counting down. Anyone?

Same here… Did you bring this up to Customer Support?

I didn’t because fortunately the buyer hit the acceptation button, but next time I will do it.

Okay, I got a reply from Customer Support.

“Hi there,
Thanks for contacting us. As this order is still marked in progress, your countdown timer will still show the passing of time as this is still considered part of your order duration. If the order is delivered, or if the order is cancelled, the timer will stop.
Hope that helps clear up the confusion.”

But I thought the clock stops once you request for a mutual cancellation!

I asked if this was a new update or feature and the response was…

“Yes, this was an update to more correctly show the flow of time during an order process.
If there’s anything else we may assist you with, please let us know.”’

Alright guys, this is not a bug!