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Close 4 out of 5 offers you submit towards Buyer Requests

So, I’ve recently resumed working here on Fiverr after a sabbatical and in the verge of building my way back up to the level 2 standards. This time, I took on a little different approach towards ‘Buyer Requests’ where if I come across any request where I could provide quick & swift assistance, I rather go ahead and do most of task right away and then share some proof towards it in my offer description.

Say, if it were to do with some excel tasks - I create a Google Spreadsheet right away, provide what data needs to be given and then share a offer with a restricted access link (to view).
Or, if it is to do with some Art / Graphic work, my suggestion would be not just simply to share a portfolio but to share something much relevant to the requirement posted by the buyer. I bet nothing grabs one’s attention than stating “the thing that you were asking for - here you go!”

It has not let me down in terms of closing such offers yet (but to be fair, I’m also waiting upon a few to be responded to, too).

Needless to say that Fiverr has truly been inspiring & authentic; buyers do respect the work and all sellers equally reciprocate.

Hope this helps with your sales too!

Sure, this approach isn’t bad if you’re desperate for orders… but it can be really wasteful! If you don’t end up with the gig, you may have wasted your time for no reason. Doing work for free (aka, no guaranteed payment) is a risky proposition. That time might be better spent on improving your gig, building your network, or doing things you enjoy.

Buyers may also be weary of someone who claims to have done their task based on a 300 character description. A lot of the work I do would require a more in-depth conversation. If it’s working – great! Just be careful it doesn’t bite you.

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I think that this can be useful for more detailed and direct Buyer’s Requests. A big problem, like @myskillsforsale said, is wasting time. I would recommend this for small Buyer’s Requests, but I wouldn’t waste my time on anything that takes more than 15 minutes.

If you really think about it: isn’t filling out dozens of Buyer’s Requests with no replies a waste of time as well? :wink: It all boils down to how you want to spend your time in the end.

Personally, this is pretty much for New Arrivals. Apart from the known parameters for getting orders, what usually plays a key role in getting new sales is the testimonies from your buyers. If you have good comments - it doesnt matter whether the comments are 6months old - prospective buyers will order your gig.

My advice - do not approach a job offer with too many promises…you could end regretting taking the deal.

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I think it’s a case of little bit of both - in the long run, it pays to build a presence that will continuously generate traffic towards your portfolio, but it also doesn’t hurt to check out the buyer request section from time to time and approach those which seem most interesting both financially and as a work challenge.

In my experience, this can also be very rewarding. But yeah, overall, too much comment into a sales offer could easily end up being a lot more work than taking some of that into growing a personal website as you mention.