Closed topic Wrong direction


Closed topic! Sorry for your time!


I am not going to click on random link. How about some context?


It’s a link to IndieGoGo.

Basically, spam with what looks like a tracked link for some project on smartphone privacy. Which is kind of ironic really.

Poor effort OP.


There is no way we are going to open this link… Come up with something better. Idea Failed/Flop.


It’s an indiegogo campaign by someone from Kosovo having issues with your phone tracking you.


Your Fiverr profile says you are located in Albania, yet the IndieGogo says Kosovo. Why?

Yes I know those two countries are next to each other.


Well, Kosovo is quite a complex question…


OP, please watch iDubbbz and learn how not to do a IGG project.

EDIT: changed video: forum software doesn’t really go for playlists…


Oh for the love of whatever you hold holy. No to the whole Kosovo-Serbia thing. I went through it enough (I was born in Croatia).

My issue with the link is each profile has different location, that is suspicious to me.


No, I don’t want to get into that at all! I’m just saying that maybe Fiverr’s IP thing bundles the two together.


Sorry wasn’t my goal to do SPAM or something like that but I was interested to discuss about crowdfunding campaigns and to discuss about them.

But OK I understand you but understand that wasn’t with idea to do something illegal but only to create discussion about one topic!

So I consider this topic closed after that because that’s wrong direction of discussion and anyone can’t earn something from this discussion!


It certainly looked like spam as was flagged as such by 5 people.
In future, you just need to explain what you want discussed and not post a link to a project where you are seeking money from people. This will ensure you avoid any misunderstandings about motives.