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hey please leave comments about that


That’s brilliant.


Reply to @rossonomous: i also agree with you


Reply to @mahesaalit: She is rated 79% ? Better not buy. Probably fake and she hid the other gigs with low ratings.


hey she just now introduce fiverr fb gigs…so she got talent accept it…


Reply to @chaihock: hey she just now introduce fiverr fb gigs…so she got talent accept it…


hey she got level 1 seller man congrats divya18 :)>-


I think these are the most popular types of gigs. I’m looking into doing this myself.

Awesome for her.


You give the impression that you’re getting paid to do all this lol.


Reply to @rossonomous: LOL I was thinking the same thing…or maybe the seller has two accounts.


Reply to @mahesaalit: Who are you to make me accept your opinion?

In my opinion you’re just here to promote either your own account or a friend of yours or you’re just spamming the forums.

Either way it’s self promotion or like the others have pointed out, you’re paid for this.

If you don’t realise, this is will be bad for divya’s reputation or whoever that is if you continue with this.


Reply to @mahesaalit: By the way, those services are usually conducted through bots.

Nothing worthy to be spoken of.


feisty everyone, lol.


Reply to @chaihock: Hey you are speaking anonymously man … D you understand ones hard work


Hey also our countries are different then how do you know my account?


Well I can guarantee that after reading his first few posts I would be going nowhere near the gigs in question.

There’s a difference between promoting and whatever this is haha


Wow, hidden Gigs, 94% and ‘canned’ reviews/feedback.

Got to love posting Ads and Feedback from multiple ‘owned’ accounts.


@mahesaalit’s account has been canned on Fiverr and this was such a blatantly obvious attempt at gaming the feedback system as well… as for the “other” person. They originally were offering various services and one of the gigs had a 0% rating.