CLOSING of 2016. What were your Lessons Learned/Experiences? BEST vs WORST!


Well 16 more days left of this year. I think in terms of progression since last 2.5 years, this has been the best one yet for me. In terms of both finance and personal experience.

SINCE MY ORIGINAL THREAD GOT HIJACKED by a forum member, I had to re-write the entire thread

The year started on the rocks for me as my personal life took a turn right at midnight of 1st January (my decision). Then it continued to be a roller coaster. Fast forwarding to a bit to the middle portion, I connected with a long time ex-gf of mine and she influenced me to start on Fiverr and I said what the hey! and did.

Interestingly enough, my first month was the highest ever with over a grand in earnings, then it was wall street by November.

A ton of lessons learned. Some of the best ones were, being professional and but also helpful shows even though you may be offering your services for pennies on the dollar, it IS Quality work. You do not have to advertise that you offer quality work, you work will speak for themselves, which will in return be reflected in your reviews.

The worst lessons were, when a client acted as if they understood your communication, and then after purchasing the gig did a complete flip and started demanding results that was otherwise stated not achievable.
Walking away from this situation, I learned to try be EXTRA EXTRA communicative and really utilize layman’s terms even more to ensure they COMPLETELY understand your offerings vs. expectations before even sending them a custom offer.

Please do share your experiences/thoughts/comments pompously.


Hey ! While I totally understand how you feel as I have encountered many like so, on the other hand, many of the real estate clients are generous (with tips), as well as bring more of their agent friends along to your gig, if it is indeed quality :slight_smile:


I’ve had good and bad experiences… it depends how successful the real estate company/agent is though haha. if they have money to spend, they appreciate high quality work, are typically thorough in their vision, so it makes my job easy.
if they are tight on funds, they are annoying to deal with assuming because they are stressed and it can be difficult to please them despite my best efforts.
personally i love doing voiceovers for real estate agents/companies, you basically talk like a happy housewife who just got told they get to go to the spa: gentle, exciting, yet relaxed. it’s fun for me : )


Most of them always seem to be tight on funds. I see their requests on BR, quite demanding for the budget offered.


Didn’t realize 2016 was getting over. Passed like a blur.


Tell me about it, but it’s a good sign.

If the year was bad, it would have felt like an eternity…


2016 offered me so much to learn, particularly on a platform I had previously regarded as having no prospects and subsequently, zero commitment from me till July. Eventually I came on board and initially, it looked like a hard nut. But I cracked in and successfully proved my skills. I know things can only get better ahead as I’m set to do much more so as to draw the world my way. Where is the Class Captain - our own TRS? Waiting for her entry!


The Class Captain is right about your profile pic…and you still haven’t changed it…


ha ha ha ha ha. so very smart of you . . . .


Fine, keep losing sales. Your choice, but you shouldn’t be judging other people’s smartness levels when you ignore good advice–no matter how it’s dressed up. I see your most recent delivery was 26 days ago (at the time of writing), and your name is a pun… that your pic doesn’t reflect, nor personalize, nor nothing. As an artist, it reflects zero creativity while potentially inducing trypophobia.It’s also not a particularly good reflection of your graphic design skills.

You should hire my gig improvement gig, actually. I have plenty to rip to shreds with your current profile, and there’s a reason you haven’t made a sale in 26 days. As a graphic designer, I’m surprised you haven’t noticed half the things that I have.

But sure, you know best. It’s your ailing business, after all.


Welcome. I sure will tweak my profile among other things I need to do. That image is graphic illustration of the brain (forehead pointing upward) and its networking components. Never thought anyone could perceive the image the way you did. Will look for a replacement definitely.
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WHAT ! 2016 is coming to an end. This was a fast year :smiley:


I wish i could speak English like you :smiley: FLAWLESS


If you’re talking about Emma, she IS British…


Extra British you mean?



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if they have money to spend, they appreciate high quality work, are typically thorough in their vision, so it makes my job easy. (Mod Note: URL removed!)


On a $5 gig economy, that is seldom the case