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Closing Orders Manually = Never Ending Revisions

Well, Fiverr just beat me.

3 orders, three buyers not agreeing to finalize, three different on-going endless revision rounds.

  • Buyer one: Doesn’t include any order details. Instead sends a photograph of an order brief written by someone else. 24-hour delivery, 12-hour time difference, revisions seem to have ended and then: “I’ll show this to my boss in a few days and tell you what he thinks.” - No you won’t I’m not working with you any further.

  • Buyer two: Sends several messages implying that they want a custom video, 1-minute in length, with unlimited revisions. I decline to work with them. I don’t offer unlimited revisions. Buyer orders my basic $30 package anyway, (for a 30-second non-custom video) sends a sales pack through which they expect me to analyze and figure out their brief, then says: “Please try to do your best so we don’t have to ask for too many revisions.”

Locked in, I do the work, deliver. Buyer responds with. “This looks really good but we will need some changes. I’ll get back to you in 24-hours.” Did they? No. I redeliver, citing the fact that I do not keep orders open forever, buyer does the same thing.

  • Buyer 3: Bleeds me dry with revision after revision until I simply say no, cancel, keep the work, go away. Buyer refuses to cancel and in the end gets away with a 1,500-word article for the price of 500. “We’ll take another look and be in touch.” - Yes, bet you will.

So, how long before I actually get paid for flogging my brain with a sledgehammer? 3-days? 6-days? 10-days? (Before, of course, the 14-16 day clearing time).

Meanwhile, in the rest of the happy go lucky world of Fiverr, all my stats are in the green for revision day. One more 4.7 blooming review from the buggy app, though, and I won’t be. So thanks, Fiverr. You really are one in a million.


I just checked your video gig. You should always have a fixed number of revisions on each package. You also don’t provide any info regarding the revisions on your gig description nor in the FAQ section.

Curiously, I have just noticed this myself. There, are, however, (or were) fixed revisions specified on each package. Now, though, Fiverr has completely changed my pricing page to look like the below:


In this case, it seems like:

    1. I am not allowed to specify revisions any longer
    1. Fiverr might be about to give gig categories themselves another cocktail mixer shake up
    1. Once again, yet more Fiverr changes like this simply make no sense.

(To clarify, in the new gig pricing I can tick or enter numerical values, but not enter written text).