Cloud hosted file sharing within Fiverr order


Is it permissible to send links to really large files that are hosted outside of Fiverr?

The example I have is a regular client who has extreme challenges with running mail merges. He’s got these lists of 1,000s of names and can’t get them to merge properly.

I want to offer to just do the merge for him and send him the merged MS Word file. But the file will have 1,000s of pages and most likely way too large for Fiverr’s system.

I have MS OneDrive storage that I pay for, I want to be able to send him a link to access the completed merge file, has anyone done this before?

(I have proactively reached out to CS about it as well)


My advice would be to wait for CS. You don’t want to risk your account being suspended over one job. Its great that you are sounding like you want to got he extra mile for this buyer, but I wouldn’t risk it.

Good luck and let us know what they say!:+1:


You are allowed to use Dropbox or WeTransfer for this on fverr.


Got the response from CS:

"Juan (Fiverr Customer Support)
Dec 19, 1:13 PM EST

Hi Adam,

Thanks for contacting us. Regarding your inquiry, yes you may use a third party service to deliver files larger that our size limit, just remember that you should not share any email address related to it. The option you mentioned, Microsoft One Drive, would be a good choice to deliver this kind of flies.

To sum it all up, we would suggest that if the file is larger than our allowed size limit for delivery files (100MB), they can be uploaded to a third party website (DropBox, Google Drive, SendSpace or MediaFire) and then you have to send to your buyer the downloadable link through the order inbox.

We ask that you not use a file-sharing service that requires an exchange of email addresses or other personal contact details as this is not permitted and a violation of our Terms of Service.

If you need anything else please let us know.

Juan | Fiverr Customer Support"

So you can use third party cloud hosting environments, but ONLY to send a link within the Fiverr order chat. You cannot use email to share the content.


Correct, you put it in Dropbox, and paste the D/L link in fiverr messaging. Boom.