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CloudFare blocks my ISP where I live

Clear your cache.

My friend is suffering the same issue with Fiverr.

Clear your cache. Tell her to do it too.

That doesn’t help.

Try clearing it again.


CloudFare is allowing me to upload, at most, one gig an hour. I have 107 gigs waiting to be delivered. When I upload more than one gig an hour, it tells me that the connection to Fiverr can’t be made (forgot the error message right now)

Customer support is being completely useless. They expect me to cancel the gigs that I have completed. No. That isn’t how it works. They acknowledge there is an issue but won’t remove late delivery negative feedback because I technically delivered late, even if the client is happy for there to be a delay once I explain the issues (one person said “take your time. No hurry”, cancelled 6 hours later, 4 hours work now down the drain on that one)

It is ridiculous.

My only solution is to travel off this island to a place where I can upload the content (which wastes my time and costs me a decent chunk of change). Customer support refused to pay for this :frowning:

I just want to be able to upload again. My day is now constantly sitting awake, uploading once an hour, and telling people I am sorry for the delay.


Gah. This Fiverr thing is too much hassle. I wish other people suffered the same issues as I did. Damn living on an island.

(It has to be a problem Fiverr’s end because no other sites which use CloudFare are blocking me)

On the occasions I’ve had this problem (a few) they told me I could use Drop Box. It works fine, fast and you can deliver faster than Fiverr’s uploader even when there are no Cloudflare errors.

That has always been my solution but I’d still cancel before going late with as many late negatives as you already have. You might even lose another level otherwise. Sorry, Ryan.

I don’t use DropBox through Fiverr anymore.

A couple of weeks ago, I sent a DropBox link. Somehow, the person who received that DropBox link managed to edit 400 files (not delete them, edit them so I couldn’t restore them) that I was currently proofreading. It set me back an incredibly long time.

I know DropBox is generally safe. I have zero idea how he done it. However, I am not going to take that risk again.

Thankfully, they said I am in no danger of losing my level and I am nowhere near it. If I cancel now, I have $600 of work, which I have complete, which I am not being paid for.

Well, good luck! Glad you are getting some backup in spite of the uploading problem.

Thanks! I have no issues cancelling gigs. I am telling people before I start I can’t upload and whether they want me to continue. They say “yes”. I do the work and bam, they cancel anyway. I gave them the option and it just wastes my time. Oh well.

Hopefully it will be sorted today. Will be the most amount of gigs I have ever delivered in one day if that happens.

You should use Google drive if you don’t want to use dropbox. It will save you time and hassle

I would use Dropbox. That was extremely rare to get your account hacked.

Upload issues has been with us off and on since I join Fiverr. Dropbox was the answer for me.

Burned with DropBox doesn’t make me inclined to try Google Drive, sadly.

Rare, but it happened. I don’t want to take the risk again because it messed me up for weeks.

Still zero solution to the issue, dozens of angry customers, tons of cancellations (despite the customers agreeing to wait), averaging $2.00 or so an hour in terms of work.

Customer support taking 3 days to answer my tickets to say “clear your cache” doesn’t help either when I have said numerous times that is not the issue (if it was, my friend would not be getting the same problem on her computer)

I’ll have to go down the Google Drive route for the customers I trust to not edit files.

I am down to 47 gigs or something to deliver.

Gig shut off permanently. This is no longer worth the hassle.