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Today all opt a sudden I have noticed Fiverr is super super slow and I keep getting this cloud flare screen (attachment) when the site finally does not load. Its very frustrating. Is anyone experiencingbthe same issues. I can’t add feedback as it goes straight to cloud flare.,

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Are you using a computer which could’ve been infected by a virus? If you haven’t updated your virus files & run a scan lately or checked that spyware/malware hasn’t gotten in, you might want to do so. What you describe is not uncommon with an infected machine. (super slow, unusual screens, error messages). And if you have been infected, you may want to change your password to your accounts after you clean it out.

As far as I know “Cloudflare” doesn’t have anything to do with Fiverr, so I have no idea why you would see something from them while trying to do a function on Fiverr.

dynamitemark said: I keep getting this cloud flare screen

I have seen that a couple of times as well, once today in fact. It's some sort of HTTP Error 504 Gateway timeout issue. A downtime issue. It appears Fiverr uses Cloudflare to optimize and speed up their website.

On another note, many Sellers are now offering Cloudflare related gigs on Fiverr.


Yeah its a cloud flare issue. Fiverr must of just started using it. I did some investigation and this bad gateway is a cloud flare settings issue. I hope fiver speeds up again its almost unusable. Im in Australia so perhaps the CDN server used here is also a little slow.


I came back to update my post to say that it appears Fiverr does use Cloudflare…and I guess you already know that. Sorry for the misinformation from me earlier.


No Probs. Cloud flare is causing upload issues now too. I can’t upload files at all. Man they better get this figured out its very frustrating.