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Coaching methods in fiverr


I was wondering what kind of methods are being used by people who offer things like 30 minutes of live language training or any sort of coaching that requires audio interaction. Is skype allowed here? how does someone setup a coaching gig here without getting in trouble for contacting people outside fiverr? I ask because I plan on releaseing a coaching gig soon and I want to make sure everything is legitimate. I already asked CS but I also want to hear what other fiverr sellers have to say about this.

I was also thinking that we should get enough people to ask for a chat window to be implemented in the order pages so that we can interact with the customers with it.

Thanks in advanced for your replies,



Aren’t the bulk majority of these cats using a video format? Then as an extra they offer phone calls, personal one on one interactions and so on. I would assume that the contact information for their personal info resides inside of the initial video.

You should do a motivational gig where you coach people to deal with people that are too motivated.

I would do it…I just don’t feel like getting around to it…bada bing!


Providing outside contact info would be against Fiverr TOS. Which is why having a fiver chat would make things very easy since they could still monitor what goes on and people could provide all sorts of services with a chat that also allows audio.