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Coffee or Tea - Which is best choice in Morning?


Hi, Freelancers. We all need the power to startup the morning and I start mine with Black Coffee and Take GreenTea in the evening.

Black Coffee in the morning helps me to wake up and concentrate in my task after waking up, it become habit opening computer right after I wake up in the morning. :joy:

I work for about 5-6 hours in front of Computer to always put a optical glass for the eyes and start working. Menwhile I take Green-tea or Black tea for extra caffeine intake to keep the work on track.

Share how’s yours going… :blush:


Just water for me :slight_smile:


Tea :custard:, with milk tho


Black…no sugar or milk


Green Tea OR

China Gunpowder…wicked stuff that


Hot chocolate with cinnamon and nutmeg… That’s what I enjoy!


I started with Milk Tea :tea:


No Hangover - Hazelnut Coffee
Hangover - Tea with sweetners


Just some covfefe to go please. Thanks.


NUTELLA!!! :grin: :grin:


In cold season I have hot tea with honey. In hot season a glass of cool water is enough. After that in an hour I usually have a hard boiled egg and a little fruit.


Coffee, milk and Torani vanilla bean syrup in the morning.

Green or China Oolong later in the day.

Plus, fizzy water!


Tea… Tea all day long.


i prefer tea 'cause coffee makes me sleepy


tea is best for me :slight_smile:


As for me I eat a bowl of rice with carrots, and green bean, topped with fish and meat