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Coincidence or some marketing strategy?

I’ve noticed one thing. There are three common colors mostly used in logo design of some famous apps and webs. Like green is used in Upwork, Fiverr, Whatsapp etc. Blue is widely used in social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Red is mostly used in Google products like Gmail, YouTube etc. and also in some other famous webs.
Why are these colors prefered over other colors?


I´m not a logo designer. So all I can post is this. Happy reading! :slight_smile:


It’s not a coincidence at all, each color has its own meaning. Brand designers choose brand colors carefully in order to present the logo in the best way possible.
We can’t make a logo which should show strength or luxury with light colors, instead, luxury logos usually use black and gold.
Kids, Pre-School logos usually use soft colors.
Social media or serious businesses usually use colors that show trust.

Also remember, large companies usually avoid using more than 1-2 colors on logos and brand materials, due to the cost of printing.


I see thanks for insight.

Red, Green and Blue are science-y primary colours.
Red, Yellow and Blue are art-y primary colours.

As all colours are made up of red, green and blue, this has been thoroughly researched that green colour is the most attractive to eyes (with 58.7% weightage), then comes red (29.89%) and then blue (11.4%). :wink:

All the other colours are a combination of these three.


Then why is Blue widely used like in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Freelancer etc.

It still is a primary colour. I told the weightage for the primary colours only.

Like windows and google both have all the 4 primary (science and arts) colours i.e. red, green, blue and yellow.

So depends on the company too what they want to use as their colour.

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Green is more eye catching than blue, blue is more serious,calm and trusty than green.
Mac Donald’s use red with yellow, psychologically, red and yellow makes us feel hungry as most of researches say, science says that yellow has the ability to speed up our metabolism, yellow is the happiest color, green is the most peaceful color, you will see that green is usually used in health brand’s. Fiverr has used it maybe as it is more eye catching than blue and also symbolizes growth. You see, there is no real coincidence in the colors, especially on big brands like Mac Donald’s, Coca Cola, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

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