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Collaborate with other sellers for new fiverr sellers

Can i collaborate with other fiverr seller ?
I’m new on fiverr and still zero orders anyone in this room who want to
collaborate ?


Do you mean ‘outsource’ or do you mean ‘work alongside’?
Because both are risky.

Your gig video speed should be three-to-four times as long. It plays too fast to look at the images at all.

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i wonder in what way we can safely collaborate without being banned.

but i am also at zero orders

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Why banned ? Is collaborate with other sellers illegal on fiverr ?

im new here and do not know all rules and regulations, so i would hate to accidentally make that mistake, especially if it compromised someone else at the same time as me.

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It’s risky in the sense that, if the buyer isn’t happy, nobody gets paid. Blame and accusations and anger and stress. And on top of the emotions, cancellations affect accounts a lot.

Hang on. There’s a recent thread from a buyer that’s good reading material. I’ll go find it.

As for the risk of being banned, it’s almost all in the Terms of Service, Community Standards, and Privacy Policy. Fiverr’s are not standard, and skimming is not enough to understand the details.

In the meantime:
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Edit: here it is, be sure to read through the comments as well.

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