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Collaboration Tool is awful

This so called collaboration tool is horrid. It not only does not function, it is in the way and makes opening attachments nearly impossible and then takes you out of the site when you need to go back after trying to open any downloads. It is taking up loads of good working time - UGH!


I came to the forum to ask about this.
How do you turn off the “instructions” that come up every time I click on the buyer’s comments?
Am I missing something?? or is it really that annoying?

What is the name of this collaboration tool?

It is called “collaboration tool”


I thought it might have been the Fiverr studio because there’s a thread on the issues with that too.

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I used the collaboration tool yesterday for the first time and found it very useful. I had a lengthy technical document to revise for a buyer who did not have English as their first language. He sent me pictures of the parts of the document where I had not interpreted the meaning correctly with his comments written on the printed out document. It made things so much easier.

I thought that too, at first, but then it stopped doing that after a while.

I am not sure, but I seem to remember once I took the time to read through the whole spiel, it stopped popping up. :thinking:

I get buyers send me images for reference and use in videos. When they send multiple images, I can’t download the last ones without them opening in the collaboration tool. In the very least, it should be made optional. i.e. If someone wants to use the collaboration tool, they can do so in their gig.

It also makes zero sense to me as a writer to use this (especially as I do not have a printer). The few times when buyers have asked for a revision using the collaboration tool, they could have done so much faster without doing so. There is also the fact that on some gigs, I do not offer free revisions.

I send images sometimes and they have that collaboration tool option but we are not doing anything needing collaboration so it would be nice to be able to turn it off.
I don’t know if my clients see that tool or not but if they do it’s not a good look, to see that as if they need to collaborate somehow when my gigs are not about collaborating anything.

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