Collabs - do you work with other fiverr sellers?


I was wondering. If a client is asking you to do something that is not exactly what you can do, do you point them to another seller? Maybe you are collabing with someone that you’ve decided you will send clients each others way?

I’m a designer and do only static work, so when I’m asked to do motion graphics or add animation, I’d need someone to point their way, whereas I’d appreciate if someone pointed their client my way, if they needed a designer. But I assume it’s not entirely feasible, only if you are close friends and really trust to “share” clients.

Anyhow - your experiences?


I wonder if Fiverr could at some point incorporate a ‘This Seller Also Recommends’ feature, whereby you could ‘favourite’ a few other sellers that you recommend for different projects, and they could appear on your profile or gigs somewhere.

Or incorporate an ‘Introduction’ feature into the Messaging system, where you could link them through to a Seller’s profile.

There could even be the possibility of a ‘Finder’s Fee’ system where you earn a couple of bucks commission for sending work to a different seller…

To your original question… we don’t do it as much as we’d like to, purely because we haven’t built up the network of trusted sellers. But we’d have no issue with passing people across, provided we had built that kind of relationship. We offer voiceovers, and so Video Designers and Script/Copywriters are the two services we are asked about the most outside of what we actually offer. It would be great to have a system where we could easily pass a buyer over to a suitable seller (beyond a copy/paste of course).


Yes, I do collabs work. Always… :slight_smile:

As animator
I do custom animation job from another fiverr animator who can’t do certain scene.
I also hire fiverr voice over artist for my animation job.

As illustrator.
I do prop animation for other Fiverr animator.

This just some situation. I think many of us have experience like this. It’s nice to collabs. :slight_smile:


I agree so much. A fee would be great if you’re suggested and the suggester get’s a buck if the sale went through. And something that shows whom you collab with as well.


What you could do, if possible, is try and subcontract out the parts that you don’t do to other sellers and build that into your pricing/extras pricing and also into your delivery times. eg. like some do with packages/extras for voice overs. Though revisions could take longer if it’s for a part you don’t do, especially depending on the seller and their working hours. eg. you could have an extra/package and seller you subcontract to for it that would add motion to the elements you create or add other motion elements. That would save the buyer going to a different seller and also still allow them to buy from you and the parts of the job that you do (maybe if you specify in the gig/FAQ exactly what type of animation you offer with it). This would also help with the “one-click” type of ordering that Fiverr wants to do I think.

Fiverr could also make the Fiverr collaboration system better I think. As well as, like suggested, offering a reward if the buyer used a seller you suggested (eg. followed your link). I’m not sure it needs to show who you collaborate with though. Though the buyer reviews shown on their profile that might be coming soon might show it.


I do this a lot of the time when I’m too busy to take orders. I have a few writer friends that I met through wattpad and ended up introducing to Fiverr. I know the quality of their work is good, since I met them by reading and enjoying their wattpad books, so I’ll refer buyers to them if I’m busy. A couple of them also charge less than me, so sometimes I’ll refer them if my rates are too high for the buyer’s budget.