Collect and/or "Like" my Gigs and I'll return the favor!


Hi Everyone,

Please take a look through my profile page here: and collect and/or like any of my Gigs you find interesting. I’ll return the favor!

Thank You!


Reply to @yt_linkbuilder: Collected all of yours! Thanks!


Reply to @mjay44: Collected one of yours as well, thanks!


Reply to @ajits733: Returned the favor… thanks!


Reply to @thimpu: Done, thanks!


Collected them all.



Reply to @lefttowrite: Collected yours as well. Thanks!


Hi, I collected all your Gigs. Can you do mines:


One gig collected. Please check out mine. Thank you.


Your gig are collected…now its my turn :smiley:


Collected all you can return the favour.



Reply to @lefttowrite: collected yours as well


Reply to @yt_linkbuilder: collected yours too


Collected some nice gigs


Reply to @princemaxx: Returned the favor! Thanks!


I have 3 main gigs, I’d be really appreciated if anyone can collect them all.

Michael Jackson dance

Gangnam Style Dance:


Tu Michael


Collected! Mine are here:


Reply to @crcanny: Returned the favor! Love your crochet gigs! :slight_smile:


Hello @prohelper27:

I collected your gigs!

Please also you collect mine!

HEre is link:


hi, i was also collected your gig, please collect mine. Thanks.