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COLLECT EXCHANGE for Cartoon and Portrait Artists


I am an animator who is looking to network with Cartoon and Portrait Artists for our gigs mutual benefit. My main gig is creating animated greetings and videos from a library of over 50 pre-rigged characters.

Where you would come in is when someone wants an animation of themselves, family, friends or pets and needs a picture done. I either send them to you or hire you myself. Whatever works best for the buyer. Reciprocally if someone orders your gig for a picture you could tell them about my animation gig that could bring their new picture to life.

Certain parameters make this style of animation work best. This biggest headaches come from open mouth smiles, glasses, hats and busy backgrounds unless I can get them on separate layers

The 30 second limit on gig videos makes it hard to fully explain what I am offering so I made some longer videos and posted them on YouTube.

Introduction Video

Using Pre-Recorded Audio

If the style of your art will work with my gig then I will collect in in my Anigrams Artists Collection. If you like my gig I would ask you to add it to an appropriate collection of yours.

Any feedback or ideas you have on my gig and how I might improve it would be greatly appreciated.