Collect for collect & pretty girl bodvertising


Hey there fiverr people!

I just wanted to post about my gig where I will write your message on my hand.

Check it out if you want, you can message me if you have any questions. And check out my other gigs!

Collect my gig and I’ll collect yours! :slight_smile:



wow cute gig :slight_smile: collected your gig. here is mine :slight_smile:

please follow this also


Thanks superskitty, please collect mine also :smiley:


I collected all your gigs in “Important”!

Here is my gig. Thank you in advance!

Regards, George.





My apologies but I did not know this was against fiverr TOS.




I collected your gig. Know it’s your turn. Please collecnt my gig-


Please collect our three gigs; we have collected yours. Thanks!