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Collect me and I'll collect you! :)

Hi please collect this

I collected yours :smiley:

Great gig btw!

@prologo1 @themarsart @ivanstefanov : Collected :slight_smile:

Your gigs collected, just collect mine!

Your gig collected.

collect me back


please collect my gig


@sherineza @kamrswirls: Collected! :slight_smile:

@zaman23, @sandrieh: Collected!

@katieholmes: Collected :slight_smile:

Yo Andrei!

Ive collected your gig hope you’ll collect mine too!

Thanks in advance!! :smiley:

Hi, I’ve collected your two gigs in collections Need a logo and Artwork.

Can you collect these two gigs please.

I collected your gig

Please collect mine:


@studiocaramel, @hemanthalaksir : Collected! :slight_smile:

collected yors gigs

Please collect:✓&query=samitha15&x=33&y=17

just collected your gig, looks good.

Please help collect my gig, link is in the following, thank you! :slight_smile:

I’ve collected all your gigs. Here are mine. Thanks.

Reply to @turnaround1, @garavogue: Collected :slight_smile:

i have collected your gigs

Please collect:


here are mines