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Collect mine, I'll collect yours

Help this newbie to get some orders!

Here are my gigs. I will collect yours, if you collect mine :slight_smile:

Just collected all of your gigs. Here is mine:

Thank you so much reesedr

I collected yours as well !!

done collect mine too please

wow awesome artworks silentsword!

I collected yours too :slight_smile:

Reply to @psychicrainbow:

me 2.

(if from some reason it is not showing plz let me know)

please collect


Hi, I have collected yours, could you collect mine.


done, can you do the same :slight_smile:

Done, Your turn!

collected all it would let me heres mine :slight_smile:

Reply to @fiv808: Collected yours :slight_smile:

Reply to @design4you1: Collected your gigs as well hun !

Reply to @senseye: nice gig senseye! I collected yours too

Reply to @bhasonson: also done. Good luck with your gigs :slight_smile:

Reply to @kimberleeb: Kimberleeb I collected your gigs too :slight_smile:









Done all of yours, do mine please! :smiley:

Reply to @jlr0309: collected yours too :slight_smile:

Hey folks, collect mine and I’ll collect yours too! Thanks!

Hey Deceth,

Collected! Beautiful cats you have :slight_smile:

Anyone else that wants me to collect their gigs? :slight_smile: