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Collect my ARTICLES gig and I will give you one free 500 word article with 95% uniqueness


Hi, Fiverrs!

Collect my gig and comment on the thread.

I will write you 500 word 95% unique article for free!

Eh…Not absolutly for free but - Collecting my gig.

Thank you all in advance and Happy Fivering!

Kindest regards,


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Welcome to Fiverr and we are happy you are here. Good luck with your gig(s) and continued success.

I collected your gig and would love to have you write a unique (95%) article for my family tree gig


Thanks and such a great service… Collected yours and plz give me the articles as you said mate… plz promote My Gig…


Everyone who collected my gig, please inbox me in fiverr with the keywords.

I will check ! Thank you!


Reply to @tn5rr2012: Nice try with the collecting …


Collected here:


Reply to @abelg99: Inbox me with your keywords.