Collect my favourite gig and I will deliver 30 facebook likes to your favourite one for free!


Please, collect my gig and I will deliver to you 30 facebook likes absolutely for free! I will check who collected so do not try tricking me. Leave your gig with a comment below and I will reply to everyone when I am done with the likes.

Kindest regards,



for sure i wont trick u. i collected ur gig in “starred gigs”. u can check it

would u like to be featured on blog? this will boost ur gig traffic a lot. all i ask for is could u pls do a free gig of yours for me to review? this is mutual benefit


I will do the gig with express time delivery in about 12 hours! Starting from now. I am interested in your gig. Let’s exchange :slight_smile:




Bill has collected you Gig. Please deliver LIKEs to Bill’s Gig.

Thanks Mortal


Hi, Bill!

Thank you for collecting! I will deliver your likes soon.

All the best,



Reply to @integermaxvalue: great! in case i lose track of ut topic, pls message me on my fiverr profile when u complete the gig. thanks :slight_smile:


Reply to @tumichael: I will finish it in approximately 10 hours! I hope that you are enjoying the gig! Your looks very promising!


I collected your gig :slight_smile:

Here is mine


Hi, could you make it Vice-Versa now as I have done my part.

I would as well want you to collect this Gigs in other to benefit all Other Google Adsense Publishers.


I will deliver in ~10 hours. Please be patient. Many thanks to all who support, you are great :x There will be also bonuses to buyers. Like is appreciated. Again many thanks !!!

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Collected yours in Links Exposure collection of mine

Here is my gig:



you can send your likes to this gig :




Just collected your gig…

Here is mine…



Thanks everyone! I want to say that the offer is near its end. I will fund the gigs by tonight to everyone who really collected my gig. Thank you for the patience and support.

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Hey. Before you end it, I collected one of yours



Before you end it, I collected your gig in my “Marketing services” collection.


Thanks! :slight_smile:


Hi I collected you gig in “cool stuff”, here is my gig.


Collected :slight_smile:

Please collect my


The offer is closed. Thanks to all who collected. I am starting to distribute likes now… :slight_smile: If you want more likes, buy my gig and claim amazing bonuses.

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Reply to @design4you1: You are ready, Sir! Check out your gig! :slight_smile: