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Collect my gig and I will collect yours


Hi, I’m a game designer and I’ve just opened a new gig on Fiverr. I’m still new so it would be great if you collect my gigs. I am sure to collect you back.

My gig is about background design



Collected your gig - Please collect mine.


i will get you thousands of investor across Asia, South Brazil, Australasia, Europe, North America, Russia Federation and Africa


Thank you all :slight_smile:


Hi Friend,

WE will take you up on your offer and collect your gigs. Please collect and promote ours. We are very excitied to offer some of our smaller servies on Fiverr and this is pretty neat you are doing this. Here are our gigs:

Thanks again for collecting! Follow us on Twitter #FindMackDaddy for more Louv!

The Team



Collected :slight_smile:

here mine :