Collect my Gig and i'll collect back your Gigs , Let get Some GOOD ranking together


hey Fiverr ,

Collecting gigs help you to get a good ranking in fiverr , let’s help each other this is my gig collect it and ill collect yours

these are my gigs collect my gigs

collect my gigs comment me your gigs and i will collect it

thanks :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m in. I’ll collect your four gigs if you will care to click on my user name and collect four of mine in return!

Thanks and good luck!


First 3 collected… please collect my 3 gigs too…


Collect Mine i will collect your,s Instantly


@fb-follower; Here are three of my gigs, thanks


collected 2 here are my 2



Here’s mine:


Heres also mine


I have collected your gig.

Now your turn to collect all my gigs…


Collected your first two, collect mine please


Collected all of yours. Collect mine


Hi, I just collected your gig, thanks for collecting mine :slight_smile:


i collect the first gig so collect this gig :


Collected All.

Please collect my Gigs



We have collected all of your gigs! Please collect our proofreading gig. :slight_smile: