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Collect my Gigs and I will Collect Yours! :-)


Gig collections do play a vital role in better ranking and getting promoted … I’ve noticed many great sellers with their gigs lacking collections (including me:-)) So lets do it this way, you collect all my gigs and i shall collect all of urs…Just post the link of your profile/gigs while commenting to this discussion after you are done with my gig collects and i shall notify the same…

Here’s the link of my profile with all my gigs:

Expecting a fabulous response from the ever growing Fiverr Community…

Many Thanks





Hi, collected :slight_smile:


Ok. I will ask the dumb question because I just joined Fiverr. I had my first two gigs within the same day as posting and I was really excited. Nevertheless, what th heck are you talking about as far as “collecting gigs”?


Anyone to collect my two for your two?



here’s mine


I did it, here’s my profile



I’ve collected the gigs of hasanmk52 and advertiser_seo.

Now, please collect mine:




Reply to @advertiser_seo: thanks! I m done too:-)


Reply to @crocapy: done:-)


Reply to @manlees: done:-) thanks


Reply to @dbrbarton: Collecting gigs as i explained in my post are important for boosting gig sales and making them more visible… In short a gig marketing strategy.


Reply to @atlbusiness: Thanks… I m done too:-)


Reply to @hasanmk52: I am also new on Fiverr.

Can you tell me how to collect gigs ??


Collected. !



This is my





I did it

here is my profile


did it

Here mine