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Collect my gigs and I will do the same from yours


Hello buddies,

Here are my gigs and I will be happy if you can collect them.

Just reply with your gigs an I will collect them asap

Thank you for reading my thread.




Reply to @silentsword18:


your collected too


need more exchnges



Please collect:




We have collected your gigs! Please collect ours :slight_smile:


I collected your gig Please collect mine:


Reply to @ans_design:

Thank you

gig collected


Reply to @abelg99:

Thank you

I collected your gigs too


Reply to @phronyy:

I got this when I want to visit your gig :

“The Gig you were looking for is no longer available.

We thought you may find this one interesting instead:”


Reply to @reesedr:

:slight_smile: gigs already collected

Thank you


Reply to @turnaround1:

Thank you

I collected your gig


Reply to @turnaround1:

Thank you

I collected your gig


collected do the same plz ,these are the links:


Reply to @annesweety:

Thnak you

I collected all your gigs


Reply to @markee13:

All gigs collected

Thank you


Hi there, I’ve collected your gigs, can you collect mine please.


Reply to @garavogue:


Gigs collected

Thank you


Done… Collected All 4 Of your GIGs.

Here are LINKs of my 4 GIGs: