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Collect my gigs, I will advertise & promote any fiverr seller on my blog free, PLUS


PLUS, Anyone who buys any of my gigs will get my Easter HD Video Greeting absolutely FREE as a bonus. I am sendind all past buyers this gig free also to show my appreciation and it may generate newbies who inquire :wink:

Hi Fellow Fiverr Sellers,

I want to help make all of us shine regardless if you’re a newbie or a Top Seller. If you collect my gigs, I will post a review of your gig or product (you’ve written) that you are selling (my famous disclaimer: Nothing crude, rude or nude :wink: I’ll collect your gig also.

If it’s a review or your product, please have it written with the spelling and grammar checked so I can easily incorporate it into my post.

Just post here that you’ve collected my gig and inbox me your review at

Also, if you subscribe to my fiverr youtube channel where I have my gig videos, I’ll subscribe to yours also. You can also inbox me to let me know

Let’s spread the word about how great we are on Fiverr!

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Anyone :wink:



I collected your gigs in response you discussion post on fiverr forum concerning advertising and promoting gigs. kindly help me promote my gigs on fiverr.


Hi, I collected it. Would you kindly promote my gigs on fiver please?


Reply to @adel_service: I’ve collected your gigs. Will do review also, thanks.


Reply to @johnlsmith: I can’t find your collections. The promotion is on my site, please read the details above again. Thanks.


I’m still looking for people to promote for those who collect my gig guys.

Thanks in advance.


This is still available, any takers?