Collect My Gigs, I'll Collect Yours and Tweet Your Gig Collection on Twitter, Level Two Seller


Hi All,

Let me try something different. If you collect my gigs, I will collect yours also. On top of that I will Tweet your Gig Collection to my large number of twitter followers. ~ at least five of my gigs listed below.

After you collect my gigs, post your gig collection here to let me know, I will make a shortening link so that it’s accepted on Twitter and post it for my followers to see, check out and buy your fiverr gigs.

If you follow me on twitter I will retweet the gig from another account.

Please send me single link with all your collections in it, just like mine above. No individual gigs, the full collection link.

Thanks and watch look out for your gig to be tweeted.

If this goes well, I might move towards facebook next :wink:

or collect at least five (5) of my gigs, listed separately here:


collected!!!Please collect

Thank so much :)


Reply to @like2comment: I have your gig collected and set to tweet but you collected only one of my gigs. Collect more. I’m editing my post to show some individual gigs. Collect at least five and I’ll tweet to my many thousands of followers. Follow me and I’ll have it retweeted!




Collected 5 gigs

Follow my Collection



Reply to @facebook85: Thanks, collected and tweeted yours just now.


Collect, Collect, Collect



please collected mine too



Reply to @nusaardi: Done, nice gigs you have.


Hello,I ve collected 5 of your gigs,please promote my gig:

and if you wish so this one too:

You are awesome,thank you very much.


Reply to @sharp_design: Thank you, I’ve collected yours and will promote them later today as promised :slight_smile:


Reply to @bhatav: Collected and will tweet. Your photos are hilarious. I’m going to add one of your gigs to my Bump It Up thread.


We have collected and followed your gigs! Please collect our proofreading gig. :slight_smile:


Reply to @reesedr: Collected :wink: Great gigs.

Thank you.


Any more takers?


I have collected 6 gigs from your collection and followed the collection. please do the same for me (Collect and follow). My collection is


Reply to @newopp: COLLECT ME BACK



Reply to @prologo1: Thanks, DONE!!!


Reply to @sandrieh: Thanks, Collected!!!