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Collect my gigs i'll collect yours [Level 2] - 1500 Sales account

I have 6 gigs on our team account. Please collect all gigs, i will collect 6 gigs of yours

We get lots of views everyday to our account so it will be very useful for you too

Please mention your collection name that you have bookmarked my gigs


Our Profile

collected friend…please collect mine also…

Collected :slight_smile:

here mine :

My Collection :

We have collected all of your gigs! Please collect our proofreading gig. :slight_smile:

collected all. your turn


Thanks xtream,

I collected all your gigs. Can you please collect my gig here:

and if you want to collect a few more of mine that wold be great:

Thanks a bunch and best of luck to you! :slight_smile:

I already collected all your gigs. Please collect my gigs too. Thank you :slight_smile:

I collect your gig. Now it’s your turn.


collect my gig