Collect My Original Fiverr Gigs - Student Needing Extra (FREE FACEBOOK ADVERTISING)



I am so excited to be part of the great Fiverr community and I would like to let you know about the gigs I am offering, as they are original and I have not seen any duplicates on Fiverr. If you collect my gig, I will advertise your gig to ALL my Facebook friends, as a little token of my thanks :slight_smile:

1. Magic The Gathering Cards

I am an avid Magic The Gathering player who has played for over five years. I have participated in tournaments and FNM sessions. I recently sold the majority of my collection for $250, but I decided to keep some cards (and my best rares, old cards, and mythics!). I will offer two options: 1. Pay a fiverr ($5) and I will answer any 10 questions about Magic The Gathering, MTGO, Tournament Rules, Judge Centre, etc.... 2. Pay a fiverr ($5) and I will SEND YOU 10 RANDOM MAGIC THE GATHERING CARDS. Each pack will include 1 rare or old card of value.
2. Ancient Jewish Prayer

I am a religious Jew who prays every morning for around an hour to an hour and a half. If you tell me I will pray for you about anything with strong emotion. I will even translate your prayer to biblical Hebrew, the ancient language of my people. I hope my praying helps.
3. Beta Test ANY Software

I will beta test any software or game you have and offer one of two options:
1. Constructive Criticism
2. A Look At the Positive Things
I am a professional beta-tester not some run-off the mill guy. I have beta tested:
8 Realms
Lego Universe
Logitech Gaming Mouse Software
.......that is only naming a few
The reports which I deliver will be well-written and clear.
Enjoy your order!
4. Compress Your Video

I will compress any video (up to 2 Gigabytes), and reduce the file size. I will be using a special program to maintain good quality, but create a small file. This is especially useful when trying to upload an HD Video (720p or 1080p) to YouTube and the filesize is too big.
Example: I reduced a video (2% quality loss) from 312 mb to 21.2 mb.

I have ordered many times on Fiverr and am so exciting to be selling my unique services. If you collect my gig, I will advertise your gig to ALL my Facebook friends, as a little token of my thanks :-)

Wishing Y'all The Best,



Please collect our three gigs; we have collected yours. Thanks!


Reply to @reesedr: I will happily collect your gigs, but you have not collected mine. I will PM you thorough fiverr.