Collecting causes the gig to be purchased


Idk if it’s a bug or what, but a couple times I have gone to collect the gigs of other users, and when I hit return with a new category, it causes the order button to be clicked and it directs me to the payment page.

I thought you guys should know about this.

I couldn’t find another post addressing this issue.

Just thought you should know.


Yes, that sounds like a bug! I would report it to customer support if you haven’t already done so.


Yes. I have tried.

I just got my ticket confirmed and I will let you know what they say.


Unfortunate update:

Fiverr asked me if I would try to clear my cache in my browser and see if I could add a new category to a collection.

When I hit enter, the order went through.

Now I have an issue. I have to get this gig canceled and I will be so disappointed if it has to penalize me and/or the seller.

Hope they’ll resolve it as if it never happened.


Watch out for the bug.

They asked me to do it in Firefox and Chrome too, but since it orders something I don’t want, I won’t do those.


Again, I hope the seller nor I have to be penalized.



Here was their response:

"Thank you for contacting us. This is the expected way our system reacts to usage of “enter” key. Please refrain from pressing “enter” when taking actions with sellers’ gig pages as this would lead to ordering of the seller’s gig.

Sorry if this inconveniences you."

Just wanted them to know about what seems like a bug. Could have sworn I’ve been able to collect things and name a new category without purchasing the gig before but idk.


Furthermore, I don’t want orders paid with my Fiverr balance EVER. I only want to pay through paypal.

I’m feeling at the moment that I wish I never even contacted customer support. I hope they will not penalize.



Is there a setting that will determine payment by Fiverr balance or paypal that you’re aware of?


They fixed it. Whew.

I expected them to be stand up about it, but it just made me nervous that I might be penalized.

They were great about it.



Reply to @kuzzmedia: From my understanding, if you have available funds in your account, it will take money from it when you purchase something. You have no choice to take it from Paypal OR your available funds.

Is this correct @madmoo?


I would prefer to spend for gigs with separate funds from funds earned. It’s a little harder for me to keep track of income that doesn’t come into my bank account but another earned balance.

I would certainly like the choice.