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Collecting Payment


I completed my first gig! About five days ago…but still haven’t gotten paid. It is registered as completed, and I got a positive rating, and in my analytic page it registers as money earned, but I don’t have any money in my account and my Paypal account does not show any deposits. HELP!


Yes, that would be correct because after your gig mark as completed payment goes to clearence step which took 14days to clear take a look revenue tab to find when you get your payment available for withdraw



Go to your Sales area and see…

  • Active (order is in and you’re working on it)

  • Completed (order delivered;

    A) completed by Buyer.

    B) Auto complete, up to 3 days)

  • Delivered (order is delivered and Buyer hasn’t picked it up yet)

  • Cancelled (order was cancelled)

    Orders do not get paid until;
  • The order is completed (see above)
  • The 14 day pending period expires

    So completion can take up to 3 days + 14 day pending period = up to 17 days



Today, I got a single email from ""

"Hey laura_halbert,

Great news! Your $1,444 revenues were sent to your PayPal account.

Please be patient as funds may take up to a few days to appear in your PayPal balance"

This came out to be very surprising for me as I DONOT have a PayPal account, and NEITHER did I withdraw my funds using PayPal. Moreover, I got a single Email. There was no confirmation email and nothing else.

Am I being stolen by Fiverr? All my earnings on my Fiverr Account has just vanished.

Have anyone experienced the same too?

Please Help :frowning:


Reply to @laura_halbert:

I think someone hacked into your Fiverr account and withdrew all your money to their pay-pal account. I advise you tell Customer Service and also change your Fiverr password.


@abd5353, How can this happen? No one had my Fiverr Username and Password. Moreover, I had no PayPal Account with the same Email-Address.

And I got a SINGLE email from Fiverr. Normally, they send a confirmation email before sending the money. I have contacted Customer Support.


Reply to @kjblynx: If it had been some other Website then why all my earnings had vanished from my account. I can clearly see that someone withdrew all my earnings. I got no confirmation message on my email nor I have a PayPal account. I don’t know whom to blame. Even if the account was hacked, then I should have got a confirmation Email.


sorry for that. keep communication with fiverr customer service, there must be a missed up somewhere.