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Collection for collection

Hello all. I have a few simple gigs in place and would love to trade collection for collection. My gigs are at:

Just give a reply when you collect and I will return the favor. Thank so much.


please collect my gig:

thanks you!!!

Reply to @like2comment: Gotcha, thanks.

I have added all three to collections. You can find my gig here:

I only have one right now, but will be adding more this weekend. Thanks!

Reply to @scooterholiday: Gotcha collected, thanks.

hello there,

Collected Yours

pls collect mine also…

Collected :slight_smile:


My apologies but I did not know this was against fiverr TOS.



Reply to @graphicteamwork: Collected, thank you

Reply to @youtube4views: Got it, thanks

Reply to @solidslick: Did the best I could with collecting all of yours, you have so many that fiverr stopped saving the fact that I was collecting.

will anyone collect my gig?

hi friend,i collected all of your gigs…please mine also…

Reply to @graphic89: Gotcha, thanks

We have collected all of your gigs! Please collect our proofreading gig. :slight_smile:

Collected both, your turn


Thanks bigidea,

I collected both of your gigs. Can you please collect my gig here:

Thanks a bunch and best of luck to you! :slight_smile:


Collected some of the gigs above. If you want to collect a specific gig,just send am essage :slight_smile:

Here is my gig

Collected! Please collect my gigs too. Thank you :slight_smile: