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Collections Feature : Tell us what you think

Hey everyone,

My name is Shay and I’m a product manager at Fiverr.

We’re currently working on our “collections” feature, and would love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

Here are some questions we have:

  1. Do you collect Gigs? If yes, why?
  2. What type of Gigs do you collect?
  3. Do you find it useful? If not, what would you change?

    Looking forward to hearing from you :slight_smile:

Not any more, I find version 2’s collections a bit cumbersome, V1 was however dirty it was just kinda worked ya know.

Hey shayshaf,

I have a question from you.

Is it beneficial for the sellers to collect as many gigs as we want. Because i heard that it improves the ranking of our personal gigs based on what collections we have.

I don’t bother collecting or begging to be collected. The only reason I’ve ever heard of for doing so, is that it somehow may improve a gig’s search rating, but I’ve read plenty of comments in this forum that it doesn’t matter at all.

Quite simply, if it helps search ratings leave it alone - it gives sellers something to do while they’re waiting for orders. If it doesn’t affect ratings, get rid of it entirely. The Fiverr system has plenty of glitches that need fixed and processes that need improved to bother playing around with pointless ‘popularity contests’.

I’m not sure anyone really knows what its value is, or why we should use it.

I collect gigs I like and want to buy at some point. I only use the collection feature so I can find them again easily.

Hey shayshaf,

I don’t collect any gigs. No point. By the time I’ve collected a gig, there is someone else doing it - things change too quickly around here to have any saved or collecting gigs/sellers. I’d scrap it. And I would focus all your attentions on getting a ‘tip’ facility installed so us sellers don’t have to resort to a number of random ways to get tips (that must be confusing for the buyer).

It’s the only thing missing from an otherwise amazingly fantastic site.



Reply to @artworkking: lol here also? hehe

I haven’t collected any gigs… what does COLLECTION actually do?

I’m collecting gigs, because I know that someday I will need that service so when I decide to use it in future I’m collecting, if there is a gig which is good I collect it or when I see the seller who is a good man I collect his gig to help him to improve his rating. I think it’s important and useful option for buyers, to have a collection if not now but in future to use, I will change not exactly change but do more attractive the save button because many buyers didn’t see it I will move it near to order button or I will move it near to feedback buttons if buyer like the work and maybe wants to keep it or send to his friends I think something like that need to think.

I have collected a few gigs that I plan to order myself some day. I am afraid that I would not be able to find them back otherwise.

That being said, instead of collections, there should be a way to find back gigs that are not being featured.

For instance, now the categories look a bit miscellaneous at times. When it comes to translators, all the language pairs seem to be mixed up in one categorie. That must be puzzling to some.

Maybe it could help to list gigs alphabetically?

@mclabz You can collect gigs by clicking on a read heart in the gig. It works like bookmarks or favorites!

I don’t see a value in “collecting” as a way to bookmark gigs one would want to purchase in the future simply because gigs are changed so often by the time one gets around to ordering they may not be getting what they thought anyway.

itsyourthing said: I don't see a value in "collecting" as a way to bookmark gigs one would want to purchase in the future simply because gigs are changed so often by the time one gets around to ordering they may not be getting what they thought anyway.

Well, that may be true for some gigs, but not to all. There are a lot of consistent sellers around here. And bookmarking makes sense because there are millions of gigs out there!

I use gig collections as a kind of shopping list. Having them all in one place is a fantastic way of how not to loose track of them. When I forget what I need, I can always check the collections and remember what I found interesting, and can re-evaluate if I really need that certain gig or not.

It is much more comfortable having let’s say 10 gigs to evaluate than 100s.

Hi Shay,

I’ve never heard of ‘Collections’. Can someone explain what this is and how it can help?

Warm regards.

I have two or three gigs in my collection.

Why ? euh… the first time, i read amazing thing from another seller and for not lose her name or gig title , i add that gigs in my collection.

All my collection gigs are from SEO and Traffic exchange.

Very useful.


Yes, usually ones that seem fun or that might be helpful in regards to marketing my Fiverr gigs.

The thing I can think of is to be able to “follow” other peoples collections. Let’s say I see someone that collects a lot of similar things to me, I think it would be nice to be able to follow them so that they might find a gig I may be interested in getting.

In the categories areas maybe an option for “Most collected” to give an idea of the most popular gigs at least via collections?

Also, in collections itself you can’t actually seem to add a “collection”. Only in a particular gig can you. An option should be available to create a collection in the “collections” page too? Maybe I am over-looking it.

Those are my thoughts.

I used to collect a lots of gigs when I started a year back but frankly speaking, I never used them at all.

Normally it seems a lot easier if I directly find a gig and order them.

Thanks very much


Yes I’ve collected gigs (related to marketing, online promoting, etc) just in case I need it to promote my Fiverr gigs.

I collect Gigs I intend to use in the future so they’re easy to find :slight_smile: