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Collections - Guerilla Tactics for Sellers!


Join us as we get at least 30 people to follow each other’s gig collection(s) so that they will get more natural promotion here on Fiverr. The best way to accomplish anything is to help others do it too. So, let’s follow each and everyone’s collection who is willing to follow everyone else. I will also keep this first post edited so that everyone who follows previously listed collections will have there link added right on top here.

This will make it easier for new people who come in to follow everyone elses collections without having to go through each individual post. Hopefully we will end up with 30 or more people all following each others collections and that will make all our collections show up organically on pages where people search for our keywords.

Also FOLLOW THIS CONVERSATION so you can update new people who join and follow their collections too!!

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions. This will help newbies as well as veterans, its all in the numbers.

Here’s my collections link:

MAKE SURE to FOLLOW these other collections:


how does one collect a collection?


Reply to @voiceoverwork:

LOL! Today is idiot day for me! I actually mean FOLLOW! I’m editing my original post!



Hey, collected all the above.

Please add mine :slight_smile:

Thanks =]


Reply to @s041185: collected!


I’ve followed every collection in the original post, here’s my collection

Thank you very much =)


I’m a newbie and excited to launch my Gigs! I will follow you and appreciate you doing the same!


I’m following your collection now and have it listed up top! Thanks.


I am following the collections now. Here is mine

It looks like they make a good match - you can tweet to get traffic to the new blogs I create


I am collecting yours…

What about mine :slight_smile:


Okay I just follow both of you right above me and posted your collections for others to follow at the top!



Thats great. Thank you very much. :slight_smile:


Reply to @work_in:

You’re very welcome. The more the merrier and everyone will benefit in the end! :slight_smile:


I followed your Collection. pls follow my one


Reply to @prologo1:

Awesome! I followed your collection and posted your link above.


Reply to @whisperflex: Wow, you have a lot of Twitter gigs. I collected all 3 of them.

Hey, quick question. How many of your twitter followers are Honeymooners fans? I have a new Honeymooners (you know Ralph Kramden and Ed Norton) twitter account and I would love them to follow us.

Feel free to collect any of my gigs.



I just purchased your one of your gigs as well.



Reply to @hotwebideas: Thanks a million! I don’t know if they are Honeymooner fans but I can send a tweet telling them to follow your twitter account.

Of course I’m following this collection:

Pick another collection and I will follow it and list it above for you! Don’t forget to follow the whole list of collections above too.

Thanks again.


@whisperflex @hotwebideas @ezwebmoney @prologo1

I have followed yours, could you please followed my collection back?


If you follow my collection:

I will surely follow yours back


Thanks! I got you followed and listed above.