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How do I delete a specific gig from a saved collection without deleting the entire collection?

I can’t find a ‘drop down arrow’ on the heart collection. Also do the Collections get ‘full’, and it won’t let me collect anymore? I need to empty the collections so I can save some more important items for my next project. How do I do this?

Someone else just asked this question because she is unable to add any more gigs, so apparently the answer to your question is yes, the collections can get full. To delete gigs, try this: as you view a collection hover over the red heart on a gig you want to delete, click on it. The heart will “empty”. When you refresh your page, I believe any gigs you “un-hearted” will be gone.

On Gigs I have collected, I see only “Collect” and another icon that pops up with “add to collections” when I hover over the heart icon.

Well I’ve already collected it so what’s the sense of either message?

Reply to @ricksper: The “add to collections” icon…doesn’t that just switch how you view the gigs showing on the page? One view is rows of the thumbnail images in boxes, the other view is in a list with a small thumbnail on the left and text across the page.

Heart icon: if it’s full, you’ve collected it (and it’s sitting there in your collection, so that’s obvious, right? :slight_smile: ) But if you click it again, the heart empties, you have now “uncollected” it, and refreshing the page will make any “uncollected” gigs go away.