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Collective lawsuit against fiverr [ARCHIVED]

You can’t withdraw funds, you can’t verify scammer’s id, you can’t claim anything even though fiverr takes 30% of the money on each transaction, they offer absolutely no buyer or seller protection. Whatever request you submit, a fake customer support id (i’m sure you’ve heard of hugo and val) will pretend they don’t understand or refer you to their “terms of use”. Better than that, the corporate adress and phone number they are listed under both in Tel Aviv and New York city are wrong and fake. This whole business is a scam. Well guess what? I am hiring a lawyer in Tel Aviv to sue whoever is behind this rip off stealing millions of dollars without any sort of guarantee. If you too are fed up with their nonesensw you’re welcome to join:


I will write a lawsuit for you for $5

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NDA comes free. Wait. Shit.

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these are serious accusations, so could you share your story so we can see exactly what went down that pushed you to this point? Looking at your gig, with a long-winded title that gets cut off and reeks of cheap MLM, you have no reviews, you have never purchased anything from Fiverr–or at least paid and reviewed a service:

Your lawyer is going to charge you lots to tell you you’re an idiot. It’s called class action, and it’s generally introduced by lawyers seeking publicity and exposure v stinky big business, not complainants. That you can’t even be bothered to research what exactly your class action is, never mind articulate it in anything other than an uninformed rant (you do realize that while Fiver HQ is in Tel Aviv, CS is in Florida? And that a suit like this affects the company more than employees?)

Or would you petition in NY (that’s where Amazon filed their thing, which indicates that it’s probably a good area with a soft judge for this kinda thing)? I mean, aside from your rant, have you actually put any thought into this?

Spill the beans.

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Let’s not misconstrue the facts. Fiverr takes 20% of all order totals, not 30%. Basically, $1 of every $5 goes to Fiverr. The seller earns the remaining $4.

That equals 20%, not 30%.

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Since you want to be all “facts” about it, here are a couple more.

The people who respond to Customer Support tickets are indeed human. I’ve had a variety of responses from them, mostly under the same few names. After submitting quite a few tickets, I can see patterns here and there and I feel sure I’m dealing with people. The first confirmation I get is sometimes automated, but not the follow-ups.

The offices in Tel Aviv and NYC definitely exist. NYC has hosted a telecast from that office recently and also hosted a huge event in early December. Many people who visit this forum often attended and have been by one or both offices before. That’s tough to fake.

Otherwise, sue away if you want to spend some money on a lawyer, but it’s good to start off with some actual valid information. One other thought - when starting off to file a lawsuit against a company, I would feel like a hypocrite continuing to advertise my services on that site. That might be just me, though.

Well, there is the additional 50c and other stuff that do generally mean the combined fees for sellers and buyers hit around 30%. Like a $5 gig is $5.50 etc (it changes after a certain amount, but I don’t know what that is). I’m not going to quibble too much on that point.Not gonna spend thousands on an international lawsuit that will eventually fail either, but just call me smart.

True, but that 50-cent buyer’s fee isn’t actually part of the seller’s service price. It’s a fee outside of the gig pricing. So, I suppose I could see where an unhappy buyer could mistake the 20% for being 30%.

It still doesn’t equal “Fiverr’s cut” being 30% of the seller’s sale price. :wink:

I also note that the image you use in your gig is pretty popular. The following link is for Tineye, which basically just tells you where a particular image is found–I know the link looks suspect, but you can also Google Image it yourself to get the same results:

My my, OP. You see, I’m already halfway to getting a DMCA on your a** which would shut you up forever, and it took me 5 seconds. All the originator of that image would have to do is prove you stole his work (can you produce a receipt?) and you would be gone. This would hurt that lawsuit quite a lot.

Your lawyer in Tel Aviv is a specialist at this s***. You’re just pissing your money away. You’re a moron.

It’s the perception that matters :wink: I’m not sure they’ve actually purchased a gig, so their point is largely moot, which is why it’s a class action suit. Or intended to be one.

To all participants - please try to keep the language in this thread a little more respectful in spite of disagreements. We don’t prefer to remove threads or comments if we can avoid it. Please keep that in mind from here. Thank you.

I am going to tell your lawyer to be careful about the fees he asks for, even if he advertises them clearly and charges the same fees to every single client.
I am going to warn your lawyer’s secretary to make sure she uses a different name each time she speaks to you.
I am going to tell your lawyer not to refer to the concrete, complete and easily understandable law on which your issues are based and advise him that he should make up something that sounds nice to say to you instead.

PS. As you have neither bought or sold anything on this site you will not receive any compensation. The law in most countries requires that you have to have been affected by something to have a claim against it.


Your not happy so you are suing Fiverr, or at least plan to. The thing is though, who is holding a gun to your head asking you to use Fiverr as either a buyer or a seller?

What I really don’t get though is why your coming to Fiverr’s own forums to shout out your wee “who’s with me rant?”

Merry Christmas though, and thanks. You’ve just given me a really cool idea. Next year I’m going to:

  1. Sue Ebay in retaliation for the guy who sold me a dodgy laptop charger this year.
  2. Sue the seller himself for losses of earnings caused by my laptop blowing up.
  3. Sue Toshiba for the piece of crap they sold me to replace it.
  4. Also sue Fiverr for losses of earnings due to the problem with their response rate algorithm.
  5. Sue the animal shelter who I adopted a sick dog from once.
  6. Sue anybody and any thing from now on when things don’t go my way.

In this case though najat80, please be aware that I might actually be forced to sue you in 2016 if things don’t work out.



Yeah this guy is an idiot don’t waste your time

This was from 2015 and I am hoping this will disappear into the past again.

I wonder how that lawsuit is going. They’re still a user and online right now!

Conclusion: OP is full of hot air.

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I would go further than that. How and why did this pop up again anyway.

Someone near the top responded to one of my initial posts with “yeah, this guy is an idiot don’t waste your time”. I know the mods are trying to archive past threads to stop this, but it’s quite a large job!

Hahaha fiverr you re not very smart you re posting a claim on your own forum…