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Collective lawsuit against fiverr [ARCHIVED]

Lawsuit going well then I take it? For your sake I hope it is considering you will now have 4-years of legal fees mounting up… :roll_eyes:

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Lawsuits take 2-3 years
Expect the lawyer to take 90% if it gets to trial.
Despite the 33.3% cap in the U S pre trial
So suing your lawyer would be the last step. :crazy_face:

You are describing a class action lawsuit. For this to happen your legal team would need the contact info of every fiverr seller past and present to ask if they want to participate. There would also have to be something actionable, which in your description I do not see.

If they do not have the contact info then they would place advertisements on TV and other news outlets about it.

Fiverr has a right to deactivate anyone’s account. And treating sellers rudely is not actionable.

I haven’t heard of the Better Business Bureau investigating companies to see if they place malware on people’s computers or not. Cookies aren’t malware and as far as I know that’s all they use. In seven years on fiverr I’ve never had malware on any of my computers.

The BBB simply makes a record of any claims against a company and contacts that company to see if they want to remedy whatever was alleged. They then publish what was claimed and what the remedy was.

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Have you all realized that this thread is three years old? :grimacing: :wink:


This is quite entertaining. I feel like OP is just trolling everyone for attention. The most valid point I read on here was that if you aren’t happy with Fiverr’s service or stake in the sales you make then simply stop using the platform. There are many other that may suit your needs.

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