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Color change? And Buyer Reviews


Am I the only one who’s noticed the slight change in the color green on the site? Ha ha, I hope I’m not tripping out right now. It looks a slight bit less warm (I preferred it warm) and now a more slightly blue / green color. Anyways this was really random lol.

Also that brings me on another topic I was thinking about. Why do we have to write a review on the buyer before we can see theirs? I really dislike this feature. I like to add personalized responses to people’s reviews and now I can’t. I kinda have to guess what to say each time. So now it sounds looks like I copy and paste all my buyer reviews.


Casper :smile:


I read earlier today on the Forum about this. So you are not the first to notice it. You can see others’ comments here: :slightly_smiling_face:

This was explained in this post: :wink: