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Coloring book style artwork is now available for colors!

You can now able to purchase “Basic” package line art ink version comic-book style artwork for $5. Then throw in your own colors via Adobe Photoshop or any coloring program to add your own colors to it. Or you can print it out at the print-shop and color it with color pencil!

What kind of fantasy character artwork will you get to add your own color on it?
Mythical Creatures with ink comic line artwork, and of course, with background environment details included!

  1. What kind of Coloring Book Art Style?
    You can message me to create your own fantasy character for you to color it, similar to the Marvel or DC Comics art style in clean ink lines art! Then you may print it out if you already had high quality printer at home, then throw your own color pencils or watercolor to it!

  2. Why $5 since the artwork is quite details? It’s so cheap! At least, I want to buy one for color it.
    Because most people couldn’t afford the expensive artwork they wanted to own it and color it!

  3. Can I send you my drawing example of my own character, so I’d like you to re-create it in your own style for me to color it?
    Of course! Any fantasy character races you would like me to re-create with details based on your drawing and bring them to life for you to add your own colors of choice!

  4. I want a beautiful a line art of beautiful wolf in the snow forest in fantasy-land in clean line ink artwork, and colors it. How long does it take to finish it? But make the wolf little more like Disney cartoon style version. Have you seen the Jungle’s Book? I’ll leave it up to you to create it in your own style cartoon!
    Sure, any type of wolf you would like me design and send them to you. It really depend on the details of the clean line art of the white wolf you preferred!

  5. Please draw me Poseidon, the mad god with a trident coming out of the ocean! I want that kind of art to color it! How long does it take to finish the line artwork?
    Sure! Why not? That’s really depend on the details based on lines art! But of course, it may less than 7 or 8 days to complete!

  6. Can you create female elf warrior with bow and arrow along with her pet black panther? I want to color that kind of artwork! Please create the artwork in your style.
    Whoa… with a black panther? Of course! You can check out the FAQ under Gig description for details!

I will create mythical creatures and mermaids artwork


Hey there!

I think it is a grand idea to offer a truly “basic” package to convey your skills and prompt Buyers to order from you again, and perhaps with full artwork instead on only line work! I see you have made some sales and think there are a few things you can do to really improve your influx of clientele, from a BUYER’S perspective! Firstly I suggest possibly exchanging one of your example photos for your gig out for an example of the line work offered in your basic package! As a buyer, I don’t think I would go further if I didn’t see exactly what I was getting, even for a steal of $5! Also, a mistake a lot of people make is not ensuring proper grammar in their descriptions, in their profile, etc. As a buyer, yes I could MOSTLY understand what you’re offering, but I would rather it be crystal clear- and then it just reflects on the communications we would have, and those possibly not being clear as well.

Best regards, Taz!

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Hi there earthenfervor!

Thank you so much for the suggestions. That is exactly I’m currently working on to creates more coloring book artwork to release for update the current gig the near future when I’m complete with artwork in few weeks. I usually updating the descriptions from time to time whenever I noticed the description is incorrect.

I have been asking by artists and buyers a year ago before I joined Fiverr, which I got one of my artwork been coloring by a coloring artist on Instagram, and she tagged me into one of my line drawing done coloring by her. I didn’t know someone would interesting into line artwork when I didn’t finish the colors, after abandoned my artwork for 8 years left on DeviantArt. So I thought this would be great chance for me to create some of the ink line artwork for people and artists to color to buy and colors it.

As far as I know, English grammar isn’t really much of my concern, but I can always fix it when I need to though. I really appreciate your suggestion by the way! :slight_smile:

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Also, honestly – I have been thinking about purchase one copywriters from a seller someday, for writes one my latest gigs descriptions (probably in the near future) as soon as I able to raise the budget.