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Colorize 10 black and white photos just for $5 😱😊

Hi, I’m Drisya. Im a photoshop expert. Here is my new gig offering service of photo colorization.

I will colorize 10 black and white photos just for $5 :scream::scream:.
Looks cool right :star_struck:.
Delivery in 24 hours.
My gig

Colorize your memory with me​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Hmm, when you start getting 20 orders in queue you’ll definitely up your price.


:blush:everyone will do that brother. I can do that only when I’m getting more order. If you want to get order you should low your price. Charging $20 for 1 edit will not work for a new seller. Thank you​:blush:

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You might want to edit your package as it doesn’t look we’ll structured.

You offer 10 photo edits for $5 (3 revisions) and 25 photo edits for $15 (2 revisions). Why will I pay $15 when I can get more by ordering $5 x 3?

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