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Combining my two different works in description

Hey there! As i am a new seller, can i combine my two different works and write it in description? Like I’m a content writer but I also have experience in Naming unique names to Brands.
Can anyone please check My profile and give some tips?


It would be best to create a gig for each service.


Yes ive created different gig, but in my profile description i have written about my experience in both the fields.

Hey, I did that too! It is fine.

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Ok thanks for the advice :grinning:

I will suggest you not to combine all the services under one gig. You need to create different gigs for all of your services for example

  1. I will write content for your blogs
  2. I will brainstorm 10 names for your new business.

I hope that’s understandable.

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@mrweb_developer It appears you answered without reading the thread. Otherwise you would know :arrow_down:

It is best to read the thread before giving advice that has already been given.


Yes he should read it.thanks