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Come here to find existence

I looking to find some gig idea to post it… short of 1 .
Anyone here come to forum to make yourself feel more useful when answering the question here ?

When I search for your username it shows that you no longer have a Fiverr account.

of course, I hide my account to avoid people to search me via username :slight_smile:

You can’t hide your account!

Can use different email to login in to forum

Read his next post after yours. And tell me … does it make you go


I came here to find existence, and still I don’t feel like I exist. Very disappointed with you.

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you are now exist , my boy hahaha
You have found me , and I had found you.

No, you’re just a figment of my imagination, one with extremely broken logic and english. And my imagination is just a figment of itself, so nothing really exists, I’m afraid.

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Come on, creating this forum is just for fun, nothing serious about this. lol how can you tell a person from just a few words

We can’t. Usually in order to tell it requires 5- 10 sessions. I am available. Check my GIGs. Especially the “Online assistance and existence finder” would be appropriate here.
Thank you.

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