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Come on, be a sport

Show me yours and I’ll show you mine…Gigs that is… I need someone to take a look at my gigs and make suggestions on improving them. In return, I will take a look at theirs and do the same.

Your thread is a better fit for “Improve my Gig” and was moved ;). Best of luck.

As far as your best-seller goes, I’m not getting warm fuzzies. To me, this feels like it’s borderline against the terms of service because you literally say in the gig description that you’re going to negotiate future payments outside of Fiverr.

I had a look at the gig again… Thanks I will try to improve it to give potential clients the “warm fuzzies” I don’t think it borderlines any terms of service. I offer a gig, offering to trade for clients.

Nowhere do I state that I am negotiating any deals outside Fiverr. It is only a 30/70 split. No negotiations whatsoever. Once a trading month is over and we determine the profitsharing. I will set up a custom special offer where the client then pays me - through Fiverr… I wanted to include all that in my gig description, but my characters (1200) is basically used up. I will then give this info to the client when I make contact with him. The only thing that takes place outside Fiverr, is my live track record that I am showing to potential clients, that I cannot help for and do not want to go against the “terms of this service” by including it on my description.

Yours is fantastic btw. Excellent sales & reviews…

Oh, that makes more sense. Yeah, there’s not enough room in your gig description, so what you need to do is write a business policy and post that as a PDF file to your preview gallery. You get up to 3 pages (8.5x11) per document, so do with them what you will. Perhaps even include screenshots showing your successful accounts? At any rate, that will give you the room to explain the fine details. To show you what I mean, check out this post: It’s titled “How to prevent and remove negative reviews,” but the big focus is on writing a business policy and using that to ensure that buyers understand who you are as a seller. I can’t guarantee every client will read it, but a lot of them will, and it goes a long way to ensuring a good buyer-seller relationship.

Thank you, I really appreciate it. Excellent advice, I will get started on that right away…