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Come On... Does being a Fiverr affiliate really work?


Yes, yes and another yes…

I just want to stop by and encourage someone who is thinking about being a fiverr affiliate and you are wondering if it works.

It works and here is proof. I want to thank Fiverr for my first affiliate check.

Also if you are thinking about being a fiverr affiliate now is the time. It works.

  • Pastor Dre


How long did it take you to get paid? I requested payment a while ago and it says payment pending.

I emailed Dani, as well as the affiliate link and have heard nothing back.


Congrats with the pay out! Was the ROI high enough to bother?

I thought about making Google Ads to promote some gigs I feel would be useful for the audience I understand. Though, as far as I know, affiliate links are not allowed in Google Ads. So I thought setting up a blog, make descriptive posts with affiliate links there, and point my ads to these blog articles.

Would it work?

Or maybe some other ideas on how to promote gigs?